Chi (kī, χ) and Rho (rō, ρ) are two Greek letters that together are one of the earliest symbols of the gathered Christian Church. The symbol the letters create refer to the Greek word for Christ, or Messiah (ΧριστόςChristós).

Chi Rho exists to point all people to Jesus. We celebrate the Great Tradition of the gathered church while simultaneously being sent to serve in our neighborhoods and the world. Chi Rho holds as its highest value the making of disciples through authentic community. Our large group worship gatherings are open to anyone, but those seeking to fully experience the Chi Rho culture are deeply committed to neighborhood groups. The mission of Chi Rho is to love deeply, serve meaningfully, give generously and be real.

Chi Rho is committed to the body of Christ. We welcome families and engage our children in all aspects of our spiritual lives. We care about the transformation of all people into the image of Jesus.  Church is not about a place, but a people – all people. At Chi Rho, we embrace the messiness of lives being transformed. The priorities of Chi Rho will always be towards the needs and development of people and not facilities, programs, or comfort. We strive to work with a wide variety of community non-profit groups and other area churches to be the tangible hands and feet of Kingdom people.

Chi Rho Community has been “planted” by New Community Church of Spokane and continues to work in concert with a number of Spokane area mission-focused churches, many of which were also sent by New Community.  Chi Rho is also a partner church of Communitas International (formerly Christian Associates International).

The graphic to the right is an effort to capture the vision and mission of Chi Rho Chi-Rho-Graphic-fall13-no-animationCommunity. At the center of the Chi Rho logo is the cross of Christ (look at the negative space). We are a Christo-centric community. The inner circle – our logo – represents our emphasis on growing as disciples of Jesus, seeking to live out “being the church” by:

  • Loving deeply
  • Serving meaningfully
  • Giving generously
  • Being real

The outer circle is our outward expression of Chi Rho community; together we follow Jesus while engaging in the movements of:

  • Worship
  • Prayer
  • Mission