Have you ever talked to someone who didn’t believe in “sin”? What other word or phrase could you use to help them see its reality?

Take time to review Sunday’s teaching. What are your “ah hah!” insights, lingering questions, and/or points of flat out disagreement? (Take your time. Look up relevant Scripture passages as you go.)

This time we’re going to do things the way an ancient Home Church might have. Identify a reader, and have everyone sit back and listen to a larger portion of Scripture, taking mental note of what stands out to you. The passage is Romans 5-7. Listen closely and take note of what you’re learning about sin, about salvation, and about what it means to be a new creation in Christ. Have the reader read loudly and slowly through all three chapters. Then talk about what God is saying to you. Repeat one more time with a different translation and see if any new things stand out to you.

Read James 5:16. Do you have any “sin” you want to confess – any thought or deed or attitude or relationship that is corrosive to your connection with God or working against what you know He wants to do in your life?

Try to practice long stretches of being consciously aware of how wonderfully precious the people around you are. No matter how pleasant or frustrating they may be, keep reminding yourself that they are broken but beautiful images of God and are infinitely precious to Jesus. Focus on how valuable they are, and then relate to them out of that one thought.

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