Read one of the most theologically dense passages in all of Scripture – Romans 3:21-4:8.

  • What word, phrase, or concept stands out to you?
  • Paul’s point hinges on the two strong words “But now”. What is the before and after picture he is painting?
  • What do we learn about justification from this passage?
  • Are Jews saved differently than Gentiles?
  • How would you use this passage to respond to the person who says “If 
you say you are saved by believing in Jesus then you are taking credit for your own salvation – you are turning ‘faith’ into a ‘work’”?

Take time to meditate on the images of salvation in this passage: Justification (you are not guilty before God, but fully accepted), Redemption (you are set free from sin and religion), Forgiveness (you are reconciled to God, your relationship is alive), Sins covered over (God is not thinking about your failure), and Sins never counted against us (if God isn’t thinking about your failure, he is only thinking about how much he loves you). Then think of those whose sins you need to forgive. Talk about what God is saying to you and pray together.

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