• Read Matthew chapters 5 to 7
  • Read Matthew 8:1-4

(There is a lot of text to red for this discussion. Consider sharing the reading among your group. It is important to review the Sermon on the Mount first to know what Jesus says then to read Matthew 8:1-4 to see what Jesus does. A Study Bible will be helpful to shed light on the topics of discussion.)

Describe some things that repulse you. Are there any people, or kinds of people that repulse you? Why?

Share what you know about leprosy and how it was perceived in the Ancient Near East. What does it mean for someone to be “unclean”? Why would a devout Jew avoid the “unclean”? How would the culture have explained why someone was inflicted with a disease like leprosy? If a “clean” person came in contact with an “unclean” person, what was the process for becoming “clean” again? (see Lev. 13-14)

Did Jesus have to touch the leper to heal him? Why do you think Jesus was so intentional in touching the man?

Why did Jesus tell the man to tell no one and instead to go to the priest and offer the gift commanded by Moses for healing?

What can we learn from what Jesus says in chapters 5-7 and then what Jesus does in 8:1-4? How should this inspire us leaders, spouses, parents, friends, servants?

What can be applied from this in how we approach and love the unlovable in today’s world? What are the risks? What are people generally afraid of in reaching out to the sick, the homeless, the broken, the needy?

Pray as a group about how God is calling you individually and as a group to touch “lepers” in the name of Jesus.

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