Share about times where:

  1. You made a misjudgment
  2. You were misjudged
  3. You were asked to be a witness – why were you credible?

Describe how you have noticed yourself or others using the Bible as an academic encyclopedia, or as a weapon, or to pull parts out of context to win an argument – instead of using it to point to Jesus.

Read John 5:30-47

Why would it have been so radical for Jesus in His day and time to claim to have “just” judgment? What crime was He committing by claiming to have judgment equal to God? What was the punishment?

How can we be sure (or can we?) that our judgments are just? What gets in the way of your judgments being perfect?

As you read the passage, who/what does Jesus point to as credible witnesses for His claims, and who/what does he discount as credible witnesses? He says that He alone is not an acceptable witness to His claims – why not??

Which of Jesus’ works do you think are the best examples of His witness as the Son of God? Why?

How do you perceive the Bible? How do you think our culture perceives the Bible? How do you think the “Christian culture” perceives the Bible?

Explain what “Christocentric” means to you.

Give specific examples of how your life points to Jesus.

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