Various aspects of Chi Rho’s community life would not happen without many giving of their time and abilities in service to one another, including small group facilitation, music leadership, communion and kids’ ministry on Sundays, and community service efforts. Geoff Rinehart currently serves full-time as the founding/lead pastor. Read More
Mission <span class="spamp">&</span> Values
Chi (kī, χ) and Rho (rō, ρ) are two Greek letters that together are one of the earliest symbols of the gathered Christian Church. Chi Rho Community exists to point all people to Jesus. We celebrate the Great Tradition of the gathered church while simultaneously being sent to serve in our neighborhoods and the world. Read More
We believe gathering in neighborhood (small) groups is just as important as gathering in a large group and we welcome you to join us! We are casual, real, and down-to-earth. We want to be the church more than do church. Read More